Starting from our headquarters in Munich, MUBB shoes are manufactured exclusively in Europe – from the idea to the finished shoe. High-quality materials combined with a fashionable design characterize us to this day.

Our Story

MUBB shoes are a unique European success story. Already in the 1980s, MUBB developed a special footbed that was soft, comfortable and at the same time extremely durable. This marked a real revolution for sandals, which at the time were rather firm and hard. Constant further development led to the design of footbeds with new materials such as memory foam. Today MUBB designs and develops over 200 models annually. Now as then, MUBB manufactures its shoes exclusively in Europe and the dealer network now extends as far as Australia.
Designerin designed Sandalen
Pantoffeln werden genäht
Mann stellt Schuhsohlen her
Frau entfernt Fäden von Schuhen